About Me

My background

Having spent a career in the U. S. Navy, I'll always be a fun-lovin' sailor, just one doing some writing nowadays. Even though I'm homeported in Central Texas and just a tad landlocked, the days I spent on active duty exploring the world continue to inform and provide a backdrop to my writing. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

My writing roots

I have always been a writer; I just didn't know it because my writing was interwoven with my day-to-day experiences. I kept a journal as a kid and wrote for the school newspaper in high school. At work I was the guy the boss tagged to write that delicate letter to higher-ups. When they needed solid content for a brochure, I was their man. Newsletters? You betcha! Even before I got my graduate degree in English, I started writing for publication, and the rest is history. 

My style

Style, of course, depends on what a fellow is writing to a large extent, but I try to keep things informal, conversational, and understandable. I shy away from officialese and jargon. I think hard about who's going to read my writing and what makes their tickers tick a little faster. THAT is what I'll focus on. (And, yep, I'll end sentences with a preposition sometimes and even start a new one with a conjunction!)