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News Reveals Damning Allegations

This story is a "must read" for anyone following the UT Southwestern and Parkland Hospital residence supervision scandal. In this relatively long article, the Dallas Morning News provides a great deal of new information, not to mention links to the side of the article that provide background information. If it was not before, this story is out in the open, in the mainstream now, and UT Southwestern is going to have to deal with it one way or the other. The last reporter to really take on UT Southwestern was Robert Riggs of Fort Worth's Channel 11. Although Riggs used the Texas Public Information Act to get a good deal of documentation to substantiate his allegations, he lost his job. It is my hope that DMN reporters fare better. 

UT Southwestern faculty let unsupervised resident doc tors operate at Parkland | News for Dallas Texas | Dallas Morning News | Latest News

"The faculty that hold them accountable get lower residence review scores and, therefore, that affects their promotion and tenure," the former Parkland administrator said. "The easiest thing to do is just let the residents do what they want to do if you want to get promoted."