Commercial Writing Samples

Informative Guide for Faculty Association Members

 A while back I wrote a 70-page pamphlet titled "Grieving in Texas Higher Education" for a faculty association that, among other things such as lobbying the Texas Legislature, tried to keep college and university faculty members out of trouble. Those efforts often included advocating for and organizing mediation. Click on this link to review what I had to say about mediation in the context of a possible grievance proceeding. 


Like a lot of blogs out there, newsletters constitute, as often as not, people talking to themselves because just about everybody deletes them as soon as they see them in their email in-box. That's what I used to do most of the time. Why? Because they cover topics far removed from the everyday concerns of the target audience. I wrote a much-anticipated, monthly newsletter, however, that most people in the target group read simply because it contained news they could use, not to mention personal stories from and about each other. Here's a small excerpt from that newsletter. It was a specialized bunch, so forgive the jargon.  

Letter Reporting Poor Service

The president of a company based in Washington, DC had been stood up by his limousine service. He stormed back inside the building and demanded that his swamped executive assistant write a letter of complaint for his signature before lunch. Then I got a call, and this is the result. The executive assistant had her letter for the boss's signature less than an hour later. The boss loved it, by the way.  

Training and Instruction

Does your training department need a little backup now and then? Here's an academic lesson plan on Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs written for an education service center. I can provide training materials on just about anything your company needs, whether it concerns food handling procedures for restaurant employees or information technology security for professionals working with digital documents.  

Video Script

I wrote the script for, produced, and directed a video to familiarize those thinking about filing a grievance with grievance hearing procedures. The three-page excerpt of the script linked here starts the reader in medias res, in the middle of things.  

Blog Posting

At one time, I followed the Texas medical community closely and blogged extensively about it. Click the link here to read a sample post.