Selected Published Writing


"Hey! Those links down there don't look like they're going to take me to business or commercial writing. What's this guy doing showing me this stuff?" 

Ah, but opinion pieces and personal-interest stories can and often do serve business ends. It has been said that all writing is persuasive to some degree. In fact, the best persuasive writing doesn't warn unsuspecting readers that it's trying to sell them on an idea or a product. With readers thinking they're simply being entertained, good writing slips right through their defenses like a ninja silently clearing a wall in the night and overpowers them before they even think to mount any resistance. Aside from the opinion piece on civil forfeiture, which is overtly persuasive in nature, I could repurpose every one of the articles below to support a related cause, whether that cause be veterans suffering from the effects of war or pets in need of adoption. Is your company about to start some initiative that you need to sell the community on? Maybe you need to pound the war drums and mount a frontal assault much like the piece below on civil forfeiture. I'd be happy to write it. Maybe you need to slip through a few defenses. Give my stealthy ninjas and me a shout then, too. 

Meanwhile, I hope you take time to read one or two of these articles. I wrote them to be read, after all.