In my profession I'm forever trying to keep up with a fast-paced environment, and every minute counts.  One afternoon, the president asked me to write a letter to a company with which he wanted to lodge a complaint and began giving me points he wanted to make in that letter.  He specifically requested this letter show how unhappy he was with the situation.  He told me to use language that would create waves and make them want to do something about it rather than attack them and risk the chance of their dragging their feet.  I attempted the first draft on my own, but there were too many distractions making it impossible to focus.  I decided to send the basic facts to George Reamy, and just a couple of hours later I walked into the president’s office and handed him a letter I was proud of!  He read it, thanked me for doing exactly as he’d requested, and asked to have the signed letter mailed immediately. 

Thank goodness I had Mr. Reamy in my corner!

--Brandy Leutkenhaus, St. Louis, MO

George Reamy is a master communicator--hire him if you get the opportunity! The range of his talents in that regard are as broad as I have ever encountered. Whether you need a polished technical report, a well-structured business letter, a compelling video script, or any type of external or internal communication piece requiring accuracy and clarity, George will become your "go to guy."

Throughout the 10 years that we worked together at Texas State Technical College, I never ceased to be amazed by George's sophistication and versatility. His word-crafting expertise was always in high demand because he was as effective with his Board of Regents presentations as he was in leading employees through the conflict resolution training process and manual, which he created for our entire system of Colleges.

What enhances his solid language skills, and perhaps the key to his success as a communicator, is George's ability to understand and appreciate the specific purpose and the importance of a given message while giving equal consideration to its intended audience. That, I believe, is a clear reflection of his personal authenticity and his ability to empathize and connect with virtually anyone.

Let George Reamy work his magic on your most pressing communication challenge and you will soon be posting his next endorsement!

Bill Segura,PhD
OrgScripts Design Group 

George Reamy’s writing ability is self-evident and reflects a highly intelligent individual with superior communication skills. While working for me as the superintendent of the Defense Courier Service Station in Norfolk, Virginia, he originated informative, detailed, highly effective plans, reports, investigations, operating procedures, performance appraisals, evaluations and military awards. Higher headquarters often commented on his insightful and high-impact written products. His writing skills were inspirational and unparalleled in the ranks of the Army, Navy and Air Force personnel serving in the Defense Courier Service.

Any outfit, government or civilian, can trust George to put out the word and put it out well.

 --Robert (Bob) McCabe 


An excerpt from a letter to the editor of the Waco Trib: 

Please print more George Reamy and less — much less-to-none would be OK — of [name redacted] from your stable of regular contributors. There was a purpose to Mr. Reamy’s moving July 9 column, “Epiphany with a girl named Margarita,” that made you think, made you feel. . . .